Oh Apple…

As expected, Apple has gone Core 2 Duo with its iMac computers.

new imacs1.jpg

But there is one product category that Apple has yet to create, and is the niche that has the most power users in.

It’s what I call the mid-high-range PC category.

You see, I’d never use an iMac because of the integrated screen and CPU. It’s cool, but you cannot put in cooler stuff like newer graphics cards or extra hard disks.

The next step up is the Mac Pro series, which is seriously hardcore with two dual-core Xeon processors and is perfect for Photoshop/Illustrator and other tough applications….even games! But it costs over $4300 dude. That’s too hardcore for my wallet.

What we gamers want is a inbetweener – a standalone Mac desktop chassis with a Core 2 Duo E6600/6700, room for expandability, support for the latest graphics cards, space for up to four hard disks and a price around $2.5k. We can use our own LCD screens and keyboard/mice, not a problem. Think of it like the Mac version of the DIY PCs we Sim Lim regulars have been building all these years.

Give me that, Apple, and I swear allegiance once and for all.