Let’s catch up

If there’s one thing I really loathe, it’s old acquaintances who suddenly look you up out of the blue and say they want to catch up…but really, they want to sell you something.

Let’s call this old school mate Mr A (for ass, no less).

He’s one year my junior and one day, he meets IanBuddyA and makes small talk. Then I get an SMS from Mr A saying hi, wonder if we can catch up over the phone. He asks me about how I’m doing, how are the kids and of course, says nothing about himself.

I thought this was odd.

Guys don’t do this girly-talk-oh-how’re-things-with-you-now thingy over the phone. So I replied back saying maybe it’s better to meet up over lunch. I could be chatting with Santa Claus over the phone for all I knew right?

So Mr A happily goes and arrange lunch for Sep 5 at Delifrance, Bugis Junction with IanBuddyA and IanBuddyB, both from my dragonboat team.

I can’t think of a worse place to have lunch but what the heck. Since it’s my off day, I decide to go down with Goy and Isabel to meet up with two good friends and one schoolmate.

Of course, everything went wrong. I didn’t listen to Mr IV (Inner Voice) who said: “Eh, got call and confirm the lunch or not?” and after sitting at Delifrance for 15 min with a screaming MeiMei and very cross wife, I called Mr A.

He whispered that he was in a business presentation and that lunch had been changed to the next day. I got pissed and asked why didn’t he tell me. He said again he’s was in a presentation and he did send out an SMS.

Ok, Mr A. If you send out an SMS and didn’t receive an acknowledgement from me, surely you should have the decency to call me again.

And you may be in a presentation, but Mr Furious here has just been stood up like an ugly lover. Which has higher priority at this point?

When I called IanBuddyA the next minute to find out what exactly did Mr A have in mind, he said : “You mean you don’t know what the lunch is about? Mr A just joined an insurance company.” Ok, say no more.

IanBuddyA said that given the circumstances he wasn’t that keen on lunch anyway, but Mr A had said earlier that I was going so he agreed.

Blood temperature at this point: About 39 deg C.

I told the two buddies to call off lunch tomorrow and Mr A kept trying to call and SMS me to explain what happened. He did tell the two buddies about the rescheduling but obviously forgot how many people there are in a trio.

What is there to explain, I raged within. You obviously want to make customers out of us and you don’t even have the EQ/decency/brains to make sure your potential customers aren’t left sitting at a lousy cafe waiting for nothing.

What really got me riled was his SMS (since I refused to pick up the phone): “Understand u r bz n successful nw. Sincere apologies to take up your precious time and a miscommunication. Wld take sme time to clarify if had chance to when u feel rdy to talk. Have gd day ahead then.”

1. Is he being spiteful when he says I’m successful now? Hello, I’m just a writer, not Hyflux CEO ok.
2. What kind of ACJC graduate writes such horrid English in his SMS?
3. Work or no work, bz or not bz (Her Majesty would be so grieved about the state of English), there is ALWAYS time for lunch.

To my disappointment, IanBuddiesA and B have decided to go ahead with lunch tomorrow. The cynic in me is screaming “no!” but I just let it be.

Maybe, just maybe, he just wants to catch up after all.

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  1. Yeah, i hate it when old friends & acquaintances call on the pretext of catching up, when it’s all a covert operation to sell u something. If people were upfront, i may consider… but when they’re so sneaky, it totally pisses me off. Even if i wanted to buy whatever they were selling, i wouldn’t buy it from them!

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