It’s the Doracar!






Most people don’t know how much I like Doraemon. I’ve been drawing the robot cat since I was a kid, and Goy loves the character too. So amazingly, we managed to get a new Corolla Altis in the classic Doraemon colour, and to complete the picture, we stuck our old Doraemon sticker on the side window.

The car’s great, and I inspected it carefully for any defects. THEN the sales guy had to leave a Pilot Pen blue mark on the beige leather seat. Can’t get it off. Sigh, if I were younger I’d be really upset. Now I just see it as Doracar’s birthmark.

Perhaps I should have forked out $4,000 more for a Mazda3 with black leather seats, but I need to save some dough and zhng the car audio soon. Toyota’s OEM head unit really sucks.

4 Replies to “It’s the Doracar!”

  1. Thanks, but one friend told me today: “I’ll be brutally frank with you. Your car colour sucks.”

    I told him: “That’s because you’re not arty.”

    Now Joan, Joc, and my art dept friends all agree the colour’s nice. So I’m on the artistic high ground here hahaha!!

    But really, I wish it were slightly pearluminiscent (is that how you spell it? lazy to search dictionary). Then it’ll be more like Buma’s car from Dragonball Z.

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