Milla Lite


Advisory: On top of the film’s violence and strong language, “Ultraviolet” may be the worst date movie ever. Between the nonstop action and the lack of a strong male lead, your chance of hooking up after taking someone to this movie is slightly less than the chance that “Ultraviolet” will win the best picture Oscar in 2007. – Review by SFGate

I just watched the DVD out of curiosity and I’m not ashamed to tell the world I actually enjoyed the nice colours, sets and cheesy special effects. Reviewers should get a life. Sometimes we men just like our movies brain-dead, pretty and having pretty girls.

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  1. Oh we watched that as well. The trailer looks interesting but then the movie sux man. Jer fell asleep and the ending was like huh? But I watched it cos of Milla. Her voice is cuteee.

  2. Yeah, the plot doesn’t make any sense. The fights are all the same and there’s no point to fighting Violet since her ammunition is unlimited.

    But I thought the use of vibrant colours and nice backdrops (some from Shanghai’s futuristic architecture) was a real eye-pleaser. Everything looks so sharp cos it was shot with Sony’s HD cameras, so it’s a nice showcase piece for my HDTV too haha!!

    Did anyone else realise there was only one pretty girl in the entire movie? Super low budget man.

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