The Death Of Print Beckons

All media will soon be on-demand, especially and painfully obviously in the technology space, and multimedia digital content will be king. Are you a multimedia digital content publisher, or are you still spinning crashing figures for circulations of bits of dead tree smeared with ink? Adapt or die, people. Adapt or die.

Whatever. One thing’s for sure: the era of videogames magazines’ dominance as the main source of information for consumers is well over. Even a fool could work that one out.

–  Paper Trails, Patrick Garratt,

It won’t be long before videogaming magazines become extinct. The only magazine I still buy once in a blue moon is The Edge, and only because of its good writing and excellent layout.

I can’t remember the last time I read PC Gamer, Computer Gaming World (which has become the badly named Games for Windows) and other similar mags. These mags are mostly grossly overpriced, and who needs a demo CD/DVD these days when you can download demos for free?

The rot in this once-lucrative print media is a precursor of what is going to happen to all other print media. The thing about gaming mags is that they appeal to a pretty niche crowd, and you know how geek culture happenings filter down to the masses over time.

As someone whose work lands up on a “dead tree smeared with ink”, it’s all pretty sobering.

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