Should the wife stay at home?

Guys: A word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don’t marry a woman with a career.

It’s an issue that probably won’t plague many Singaporeans. Like my mother said: “Must always have dual-income!” But our family has decided to go 1960s and go solo-income instead. We’ll know if we did right or wrong in say, about 10 years time I guess.

Read the Forbes column here. It’s got a good rebuttal from another Forbes writer, but she’s not in the majority according to statistics.

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  1. hi ian!!!

    remember me ah??? been reading ur blog for a little while n was waiting for the right time to say hi! 🙂

    i’m now in hong kong, and we’ve decided to go 1960s as well. I must save a dollar everytime someone asks me ‘so when are you going to get a job?’ (this is prob a big source of concern for ppl in this country)

    i think u guys did the right thing, especially since you’ve got such lovely children.. and they will definitely benefit from ur decision. n it’s definitely a full-time job – a stay at home wife i.e. as opposed to the tai-tai; and even more so the stay at home mom.

    anyway.. it sure isn’t the shake-leg stay at home meaning if you think of all the errands there are to run!

  2. Hey Huili, long time no see BUT…

    Why ah, is it that my old friends will read my blog and keep quiet ah?

    I sometimes have people coming up to tell me : “Hey Ian, I read your blog you know!”

    So why is it nobody writes any hello-ho-yo comments when they discover their old noisy classmate now has his own

    Do I have AIDs? Are people ashamed to be my friends? (weep) By the way, this site is fast approaching the 10,000 visitor hits mark… it’s nothing compared to the likes of other celeb blogger, but dammit, this is the most any of my websites have ever garnered since 1998!!! Shall I throw an online party when the five-figure sum is hit?!?

    Okay, back to Huili…

    Yo yo yo, how’s the pollution in HK, woman? Where’s the picture of your kid/s? Where is Tung Chee Hwa these days?

    Oh man, I miss the wanton wantons in HK. AND that funky black sesame dessert place somewhere in town.

  3. haha, what an outpouring!

    sorry, was shy… for a short while.

    but after reading a few posts i realised hey, this is STILL ian…

    Pollution is as bad as ever, and no kids (yet). Tung Chee Who? 🙂

    Anyway I really enjoy reading your posts. They sound like you talking!

  4. I’m torn between staying at home and not. I love working, and I’m pretty sure I would love to stay at home and bring up my kids when the baby pops out.

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