Oh Mammon

It was another of those days in the TNP Art Dept when the guys were expounding on the meaning of life. Of course, there were nothing but the usual sordid answers.

Then the song “Don’t blame it on that girl” came on the radio and I said, “Wah, Matt Bianco.”

The guys sniggered. “Wah, that’s an indication of what kind of music Ian listens to!”

Waitaminute, since when was it a sin to listen to the breezy, Miami-infused pop of Matt Bianco (who, by the way, is not a guy, but a group)?

Oh yes, they were the same guys who propelled Basia to fame. Bet you didn’t know that! Yes, she’s another 80s relic. But I’m 30, so that explains it ok?

But back to the subject headline of Mammon, I must confess that its existence been annoying me.

Money’s a limited resource for most of us, yet we often desire to own things that are completely unnecessary. Gadgets don’t fill any holes in our hearts, and they burn one in our wallets instead.

Is money a creation of man or Satan? Perhaps both.

Despite my desire to save money, big expenses keep teasing me.


Thanks to the shitty car ownership system in SG, it’s time to scrap our trusty 2001 Corolla if I don’t want to make losses on the COE rebate.


Thanks to Intel, there’s now a geek reason to upgrade one’s computer to the latest Core 2 Duo. (If benchmarks are to be believed, this is the ultimate Photoshop cum F.E.A.R machine, man!)

Thanks to Nokia, my 6680 now looks positively ugly next to the sleek new N73.

Of course, I could decide not to spend on the Critical one at all, and just pray I’m a lot richer in 2011 when the COE expires. As for the Totally Unnecessary ones, oh well, fugedit. Better to go jogging and bust that waistline instead.

Gizmos – they’re wrecking my life.

So, Corolla Altis or Mazda3, anyone?