It’s payback time, telcos


Sigh, N73, looks I can’t buy you for some time

After what seems like an eternity, we are finally going to have true number portability in Singapore. (read IDA’s press release here)

Well, it’s about bloody time…though we still have to wait a year.

In the past five or six years that I’ve been with my telco as a corporate customer, it hasn’t really made me thrilled to continue using its service. No great rewards, no automatic reduction in monthly rates (despite voice calls being near worthless these days), pricey data charges (currently $3 per MB, unless you wanna pay $68 extra a month for unlimited) which stops people from being true 3G users and so on.

But no choice lah, gotta keep using my old number what. I’ve given out too many name cards to change it now.

Well, they must have seen this portability thing coming.

Whatever telco you’re using, just don’t sign on to any 2-year plan till the end of next year, because prices of monthly plans are gonna drop like rocks.

And I predict that this will eventually squeeze one of the three players out of the market, as the weakest one (after the dust settles around 2008) will find itself increasingly unable to compete with smaller market share and have less bargaining power with phone vendors.

PS. I don’t know who’s been feeding telcos weird ideas that it’s all about content to drive 3G services. Absolute rubbish.

How successful have tailor-made soap operas, comedy skits, special wallpapers and all that jazz been in increasing ARPU (average revenue per user)? I respect Jack Neo, but I ain’t paying to watch him on my phone.

Oi, it’s ALL about the cost of downloads. Make it $5 for unlimited downloads per month and I guarantee over 50% of locals will start Internet surfing and using MSN Messenger on their phones. Just look at the Internet model – with bandwidth comes content. When that finally happens, remember you read it here first.