It’s another EOS, another seminar!

Yo everyone, there’s a new EOS in town and it’s the EOS 400D – aka the camera Edwin Lee should just buy and stop procrastinating about.

By now, people should know I’m a diehard supporter of Canon gear. That’s why I don’t hesitate to do sponsored series or conduct photography workshops with them.

Oh yah, please check out those links people!

Actually, your loyalty to camera brands depends on which camera you started using. I just happened to start with the Big C.

My first SLR was the Canon EOS Rebel 500n, proudly recommended by the kind folks at MS Colour at Ang Mo Kio. After that, it was a big leap to the EOS 3 pro-level camera, and I held out on digital SLRs for four years before buying the 1D Mark II.

Marky has since been replaced by the absolute bestest EOS 5D, which should be my mainstay for a long time.

What I really like about Canon is their global marketing. They have some of the best marketing collateral around, and I must say I’m really impressed by their latest white paper on full-frame sensors.

The paper has some really good writing for a technical document, and manages to remain interesting even though it’s full of technical mumbo-jumbo. Like any good copywriter, the author has managed to cleverly make Canon’s FF extremely high sensor prices a positive, rather than a negative point with consumers. Read it and you may actually want to buy a 5D!

Sigh, if only there were more writers like that in our market. The problem with many Singapore companies is that their bosses insist on rewriting copywriters’ copy to suit their level of Engrish and mindsets. It’s one thing to remain faithful to your company’s philosophy, but another thing not to put trust in a copywriter’s handiwork.

Of course, some copywriters plain suck. See Zoe Tay’s swallowing snafu here. In absolute bad taste, no matter what the copywriter must have been thinking.

3 Replies to “It’s another EOS, another seminar!”

  1. I’m a Canon freak too. When the paper gave me the archaic Nikon to use, I nearly cried and would rather risk using my 10D on the job – at least I know that it will deliver better photos.

    I have an internet friend who is blaming Zoe Tay for agreeing to do the job as he thinks that she’s over the hill and trying too hard. I tend to agree with you – I think it’s more the copywriter and she probably had no choice but to agree since the contract/agreement had to be signed upon before that.

  2. Actually when I became a TNP photog in 2000, i initially loathed the F4 and FM2 I was given. However, they taught me the importance of manual exposure and focusing, skills which are invaluable no matter which camera I’m using now. Unfortunately, the Nikon D1 was a big blotch in the company’s history.

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