To myself that is.

This humble (yeah, right) website has finally crossed the 10,000 visitor mark after about a year of existence. It’s pathetic I know, given that other bloggers get the same number of hits in ONE DAY.

But I didn’t have to resort to the following:

1. Write like an Ah Lian with vulgarities for punctuation. It’s not cool to be crude.
2. Creating funny podcasts that could get me jailed by the stuffy authorities. But he’s cool lah.
3. Start up a blog while being a civil servant and get profiled by the mainstream press for not doing anything to make the government more hip. To my horror, there’s a out there!
4. Posting nude images of myself. Fact: One of my nicknames in army was “Small Butt”.

Anyway, to all my anonymous readers, have a good day/night and remember to procreate when time and finances allow!

4 Replies to “Congratulations!”

  1. hi, congratz! and if you do not already know by now, i have happily linked you on my space… well, for one simple reason… your site is cool! okiez… almost as cool as some of the gadgets… oh, okiez… quite almost as cool as your kids! =)

  2. Stumbled onto your blog via another’s, which i found when googling ‘MTV UOB Card’. Go figure. =D
    Anyway, serendipity’s great – really enjoy reading your witty entries. =)

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