Bowling for Bishan

It’s actually very difficult to find a good toilet bowl in Singapore.

Actually, that goes the same for any other furniture fitting. I went through that hell three years ago when we renovated the Bishan flat.

But in the past fortnight, I was annoyed that I had to replace the WC in the bedroom. For some reason, the gunk was flowing back (ewww right). Lucky never overflow.

So we started scouting for a good and cheap toilet bowl.

Here are our toilet bowl shopping tips, and main places to check out models.

  • Never buy WCs with plastic buttons. They’ll squeak like mad after a few years, truly annoying. Metal is still the best.
  • My problematic WC was a Caroma. I wouldn’t go back to that brand again.
  • The toilet seat should not expose your thighs to the cold (or dirty) porcelain underneath.
  • Don’t spend more than $300 on a WC. We saw this Toto WC that gave such a posh feel. Goy pointed out it was simply the good layout of the place. Price? $500 for a standard bowl. Of course, there were the ones costing over one grand, but my ass ain’t that important ok.
  • If you want atas bowl, go to Bathroom Gallery where they stock nice designs like Laufen and Duravit. Sim Siang Choon has a few nice Spanish-made models, but they don’t fit into 5-inch rough-ins (the distance between the wall and the shit hole). I didn’t like their inhouse Sims brand or Caromas one bit.
  • But the best toilet bowl for the money is the American Standard (pictured above) from Hoe Kee. It’s bundled seat is too small for most derrieres, so try to upgrade to a bigger one which prevents the seat from slamming down. Our price for WC and silent seat cover? $225.

4 Replies to “Bowling for Bishan”

  1. Huili, I believe Johnson Suisse is more expensive, targeted at commercial establishments. It’s not a common consumer brand here for WCs.

  2. yikes! showed up as an ignorant! :p

    i know some people in KL who fitted their bathrooms with Johnson Suisse. then again, it’s probably either that or Cap Jam Ban (free shower with every flush).

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