Thoughts before turning thirty

The big day’s coming in a few days, and I’m thinking which air-fix model car I should buy to please myself. Or should I upgrade to a really expensive N73 phone hee hee (ok, wife, don’t kill me yah, the children need two parents).

But my dreams have been getting more vivid, and more poignant. Past, present and future’s been mashing up like rojak to be presented to me on Mr Sandman’s plate. In one dream, I can experience my uni, my army, my working life and so on all in a matter of a few scenes.

Of course, I’ve got to exclude last night’s annoying one where I dreamt my reservist had been extended one more week without my knowledge. Go chiak sai lah, army, I must have said in my dream.

As I look back, it’s been a pretty jam-packed 30 years so far. Plenty of tears, joy, successes, failures, births (two actually) and deaths (a little too many).

Some food for thought at this juncture…

1. Hair today, gone tomorrow. Or never join journalism if you already have active sebaceous glands – it’s gonna spell trouble for the scalp.

2. The older you get, the less friends you have. Not that they turn enemies or what, some of them just leave your life without giving notice. Hey, Derek, wait up dude.

3. Happiness is measured by how rested and healthy you feel, not by material gains. But a new Nokia never hurts.

4. The soundtrack to your life is fixed, ending somewhere when you are 21. But honestly, the music of today mostly sucks. No wonder CD sales are dying.

5. IPPT gets really hard to excel at, and the waist takes over your metabolic rate. Just imagine, 11 years ago, I could run below 9:45. Today, I’m trying not to faint at 12:00.

6. Your brain slows down as well. Suddenly, you realise why the dinosaurs you’ve always criticised cannot think otherwise – you’re becoming them too. With increasing age, we imbibe systems, rationale and decision-making circuits of those before us, either by osmosis or sheer indoctrination.

7. You describe people at 26 as “those young punks”. And interns as “those interns!” forgetting that you were once as green.

8. You realise you haven’t fulfilled most dreams that you had when you were 18. Of course, I’ve achieved the family bit a little too quickly, but I still wish I could further my violin studies, continue drawing, and live overseas.

9. Most of all, I wish my mum could see my kids now.

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