Tears for Fears

It was an opportunity to visit a CD shop today, and I finally bought Tears For Fears’ Greatest Hits (2004 reissue). This is an album I’ve been wanting to buy for over a decade, but somehow never got around to it.

The music is, like most of my collection, an excellent time machine. Orzabal’s lyrics are so deep, you don’t really listen to them and instead spend your time enjoying the lyrical layers. While Zoukers may be fond of the usual retro hits “Shout” and “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, my two biggest faves are “Advice For The Young At Heart” and “Head Over Heels”.

2 Replies to “Tears for Fears”

  1. Yeah “Head Over Heels” is my fav too. I like “Mad World” too, and if you do, try finding the cover version done by Gary Jules, which is even better.

  2. Actually hor, Fuzzybear, I find that their sound encapsulates pretty much of the 1980s intelligent-sounding music. When I was in pri school, I used to think Curt Smith was the lead singer/songwriter since he was the prettier one. Imagine my horror when it was plain-looker Orzabal who turned out to be the main driving force!

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