Tai Chi Masters

During the past in-camp, I encountered someone who talked and acted exactly like another person I know. There was even a physical resemblance, due to the same uncanny body language!

Both are adept at the art of tai-chi (ie. pushing blame) and with two fine specimens, I guess it is enough to declare them a species already in my books.

Traits to look out for when trying to classify homo pushiblameus:

1. A constant look of genuine surprise when asked about a serious problem that he’s the root cause of

“I’ve never encountered this problem before! Quick, tell me more about it so I can think of the solution.” (Unfortunately for this particular army guy, the CO pointed out that other ICTs had brought up the same issues before)

2. Affirmed empathy to your problem

“Look, I’ve been through what you’ve been through before. Last time, I was also NSman like you (before I rejoined the jolly army), and I went through exactly the same problem. We solved it by….”

3. Deftly making his problem your problem again (ie. the taichi move begins here)

“…having people trained to help attached to our company. How come is it that you don’t have such people this time? Why you never ask for them?”

4. Then telling you how he cannot possibly help since the problem is now yours

“Even if you wanted us to do it, we can’t! We are limited by our HQ and your manpower problems.”

5. And rejecting all other plausible solutions you offer

“Yes, we could do what you suggested, but if you ask me, I don’t think it’s effective at all. After all, nobody’s done it before, I don’t think it’ll work.”