Not so super after all

Next month, I’ll turn 30, and so far the physical signs of aging aren’t encouraging.

For one thing, I can’t seem to lose weight as easily as before. The paunch insists on expanding no matter what I do, short of me embarking on a really intensive exercise regime. However, the heart is unwilling, and the body even more so.

A rude wakeup call came during last week’s IPPT, when my 2.4km timing was longer by nearly a minute compared to last year. I’m not sure whether it was the horrible lunch from the office canteen, but my heart was already pounding furiously when I did my first shuttle run station.

And I really wanted to cry when the 2.4km started, because I just had no ability to run fast!

Another harsh reminder was the past week in camp. Thanks to the SAF for being so kind to shorten our reservist to 10 years, suddenly the annual training becomes so hectic, even NSFs would have issues coping.

But we’re old slobs, so how can we be like yesterday’s spring chickens?

We did our topo exercise yesterday and it’s the first time in 9 years I’ve carried my full-pack cum SBO. I really felt like a piece of putty man, and we didn’t even bring out extra signal set batteries or weapon.

The nice thing about being a recce trooper is that everyone finds ways to make life easier for everyone else. It’s part of our training to be efficient to the point where you spend most of your time sleeping instead of slogging.

I really wish I could have my 1993-1996 fitness back, but I doubt that’s ever possible.

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  1. Actually, being a parent ages people. If I were to meet you on the streets, I would imagine you look more like 34 honestly.

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