La(rd) Pok forever!!!

Was reading the news today on how 200 hawker stalls have switched to healthier ingredients.

Eg. Char Kuay Teow without lard. Teh tarik without condensed milk. Laksa with no coconut milk.

I’ve never heard of anything more dismal…when it comes to food, that is.

Eh Gahmen, loosen up can?

Stop being such a nanny state and telling us what we can or cannot do even to the smallest details. Singaporeans have no identity, but one thing we all share is the love of good food.

If people think eating CKT every two days is a good thing, that’s their problem ok? Normal sane people know how to regulate their oil/fat intake even if they eat out all the time.

Why don’t you stop people from watching TV for more than 2hrs a day? Why don’t you stop people from drinking alcohol? Why don’t you just ban smoking altogether?

Hawkers should rally together and protest. First you took our dialect from the young people, now you want to take our lard ah?