Kids at the wedding

My sis Joanne got married last Sat, and since I had to give her away and look after the kids, I couldn’t take many pix. Here’s a few I managed to get though.

jo wedding 2.jpg

The boys with the bride

jo wedding 3.jpg

Meister responds violently to fatherly love

jo wedding 1.jpg

Goy with the Meister, post wedding

meimei spoon.jpg

Nothing to do with the wedding, but heck man, she’s cute

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  1. Wah everyone says my suit so smart, I hope the official photogs have nice pix of me in it! It’s actually my wedding suit, altered to fit my new waistline :D. It’s made by Tailored Fashions (now at Taka), he’s a pretty skilful tailor with eye for good materials.

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