Keep the world away!

We do not recommend that other readers follow our example. After all, TV and the Internet are vital parts of life today, and they can be an easy and cheap babysitting service.

Wise home educator or smarmy parent? You decide after reading this commentary.

BUT (aha…that’s why I blog)

Do you think putting kids in front of a television will make them automatic vegetables?

Oh, you want to talk to your kids the whole day? Take Isaac for one hour, see if you can tahan his rapid-fire soliloquys.

No computer games? My goodness, you’d better not read my newspaper game reviews either!

Avoid letting them read anything but printed newspapers and novels by Tolkein? Arlow, Internet age you know, your kids risk ignorance at their peril.

Aiya whatever lah, this parent already said their method is not for everyone. Good for you lor.

Bet my wife and kids can beat any of your family members at Feeding Frenzy. Free download on Xbox Live, don’t mess.

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