Hard lessons

It’s ironic, but the external hard disk used to back up my photos and docs died last weekend.

So much for protecting my precious goods.

It’s been acting funny for a few months with slower than normal transfers, and the “Write Delay” error message finally popped up on Fri. Then again, it’s not the first Seagate drive that’s died on me, so it was frantic backup to DVDs again.

And it was off to Sim Lim to get a new external drive. In order to save some money, I just bought a X Craft hard disk enclosure from Coolermaster and took out my third internal HDD drive the PC to fit into the Coolermaster.

The $95 Coolermaster X Craft

Then I discovered something really cool. The X Craft takes SATA hard disks, and also has a port for external SATA (eSATA). This means, with the bundled adaptor, you can plug the external HDD into an internal SATA port!

In other words, your external drive is recognised as an internal hard drive and moves data just as fast (up to 3000Mbits/sec). This means you can chuck the slower USB 2.0 connection (480Megabits/sec).

Lesson – if you’re buying an external hard drive, get one with eSATA. It beats the crap out of Firewire 800 and USB 2.0 combined.