Yay Faye

I’m putting this up only because I’ve never heard this song before and I love Faye Faye! Wo yong yuan zi chi ni, even though you have retired! Or claim to have retired anyway.

Here’s another nice one, which the poster has not allowed people to embed in their blogs. It’s a concert rehearsal from over a decade ago, and she looks and sounds great.

7 Replies to “Yay Faye”

  1. This song is called Ai Yu Tong De Bian Yuan (translated as Border of Love & Pain). There’s also a mandarin version by someone else… which i can’t recall now… hv it somewhere in my pc… cld never find the canto version by Faye Wong though.

  2. Found it! The mandarin version is by Chen De zhang & Cheng Di Kuang. Actually… the title Ai Yu Tong De Bian Yuan might be the mandarin title… hmm… maybe that’s why i cldn’t find the mp3 for the Faye version…

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