Wall colours and photography


Witness the wonders of Photoshopping skills picked up in The New Paper

I’m still going through the huge collection of photos I took at the wedding, selecting and photoshopping ’em.

I just had a ball of a time colour-correcting the photos taken in one particular house.

The walls were coloured a nice pastel green colour, but unfortunately, the green shade gets reflected off almost everything: skin, white bridal dress, food…

No fault of anyone of course, but it’s a reminder that if you are going to take many digital photos of people in your house, make sure your walls are either neutral (grey, white), cool (light blue) or light warm (pink, light orange).

The colour cast that appears on skin tones is much easier to correct, or can be left alone to provide some mood. It’s problematic when you have green, purple, brown, or other odd colours.

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