Think Big, Start Small

I’ve been watching some recent business developments, and cannot help but wonder how these people think they can possibly pull their projects off.

(Of course, I can’t name them, silly. Defamation ain’t my middle name.)

But it’s always like this.

Big Company sees Small Upstart produce a venture that catches on like wildfire, or sees a trend that appears out of nowhere and becomes the next big thing with consumers.

Big Company says : “Me can do that too! Me put big money into similar project, only bigger and better! Me whip competition with money, clout and aggression.”

Then Big Company goes to town with the announcement, telling everyone that they have the next big thing, yada yada yada.

Chances, are, Big Company’s plans will not survive the long-term. This is because anything that is to be driven by consumers, must shaped by consumers in the first place.

And to have that happen, you need to start small – give them the platform to work with, to comment on, to bitch about etc…and you must be nimble enough to do U-turns or overhauls to meet their needs.

When you start big, you risk being unable to steer the ship properly while smaller players quickly skirt around you.

It could be a Singaporean mentality to Think Big and Start Big, but I’ve found in my experience, when you Start Small, you can always quietly shut down something that fails without much embarrassment.