Never insult the photographer

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Sze Wang and Karen got hitched yesterday. Yay, more members in The Drained Dads Club.

All in all, it was a pretty smooth sailing day for a photoshoot, though I must say The Church of St Mary of the Angels is quite an architectural eye-opener (and a real pain to shoot in).

Unfortunately, during dinner time, I got insulted by a guest.

Before the couple walked through the door, I was testing out my flash exposures by firing off a few stray shots at the wall.

This moron walks by and says in a condescending voice: “Hey, you practising ah?”, implying that I was an amateur on his first big assignment.

I shot back, in front of his table mates: “Please remind me not to take your photo later.” He knew he was in trouble and could only give a weak smile as he sat down.

When we came back to their table later for the group shot, I pointed at the moron and said : “Please move to the side. It’ll be easier to crop you out that way.”

A female guest laughed.

Too bad I wasn’t joking.

For goodness sake, never insult the photographer. He makes memories for others to remember you by, and he can blot you out instantly too.

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  1. Hehe walau, you’re damn KL. Maybe he wasm uhm, just trying to be friendly? Haha altho I have to admit that’s probably unlikely. Scary lah you =)

  2. People like that don’t deserve to be recorded on any media. I’ve always made it clear to anyone who gives me trouble or disses me when I’m shooting that I won’t bother about them again.

    The problem is that most photographers out there act like servants/waiters and not professionals. There’s a huge difference between doing a simple service and producing a good photo every time. They think press one button very easy ah?

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