MTVs and the death of music


The beautiful Nonie, in the only image available online

Why are music CD sales constantly falling?

Apart from the usual reasons of iTunes-piracy-crap acts, I believe the decline in the popularity of music videos is another major factor.

For those adults my age (ie. thirty, plus minus a few years), think of the last good MTV you saw. It was probably in the mid-1990s, when videos from G’n’R, Janet Jackson, INXS and so on held our thrall. My goodness, I remember how many times they kept playing November Rain ad nauseum.

(But it was worth it, since VJ Nonie was someone you just couldn’t get sick of watching, hee hee)

But since then, MTVs have turned into processed fluff, with little to capture the imagination or the wallet. Since our collective memories require both visual and audio inputs, there isn’t much left in music to entice us to buy.

Music videos have dug their own hole by shortening our attention spans to the point where even they could not keep up anymore.

6 Replies to “MTVs and the death of music”

  1. I remember her! Very pretty! I don’t watch MTV nowadays. Too much sleaze. Maybe I’m getting old.

  2. MTV. Like Dire Straits sang, way back in 1985: “Money for nothing, chicks for free.”

    Actually, there’s still good music around. You just have to ignore MTV, and dig deeper.

    God, the wee hours I stayed up at night just to watch Nonie, remember? 2-4am…

  3. We all stayed up late dude, especially when the studio air-con started getting too cold…heh heh.

    Yes, there’s good music, but I can’t connect to most of them. Poorly marketed, or perhaps it’s because I’ve stopped looking for them.

  4. hey thanx alot for that pic of nonie…i’ve been looking for one for the longest time. I wonder what happnd to her…She was really something…how come there’s so little info about her on the net. I guess we’ll have to do something about it. 🙂

  5. Brought back many old memories! I really loved her… my first crush! I used to be glued to her TV shows which were repeated the whole day. I was left a broken-heart when she disappeared in 1996.

    I haven’t watched MTv India for over a decade. It’s turned into a soap opera kinda channel where stories revolving college-going kids are broadcast. Typical rubbish confused Indian teen stuff.

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