What’s the fuss over Da Vinci?

Just watched the Da Vinci Code today (tks, Sony Ericsson), and I thought it was a pretty good movie.

“Heresy!” I can hear someone shouting from the pews.

Come off it, fellow believers. When I finished the Dan Brown book, I thought it was a pile of blasphemous trash.

And it is, wholly and thoroughly.

Brown’s research was not only full of holes, the writing style lacked good pacing and pizazz. People who thought it was a good book obviously don’t read enough. If you want to know more about the Knights Templars in fiction, read Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco. I just finished Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, a little trashy but otherwise a fun and touching book.

What I cannot believe is the outrage by churches and them trying to stop the release of the movie.

Are you telling me that your sermons over the years have been so ineffective that your flock will believe a fictional book over the Bible? That’s the really outrageous bit.

Non-believers being led astray? With divine predestination and foreknowledge at work, there is nothing that can stop one of God’s chosen from being chosen. The people who want to believe in Brown’s book are often those who already want to disbelieve in Christ in any way possible.

If they can point to a bestselling book – however insiduously written – as the reason for not believing in Christ, then they’re really missing the point.

Okay, maybe it’s because I had a good Christian education in Leng Kwang Baptist Church but I believe it’s more that my faith in God is formed from experience, trials and understanding of what He has shown me. I know Jesus lives, and it’s because I can see Him working in people’s lives.

Or maybe because I’m not Catholic 😛 I’m Protestant, and there’s a reason why I protest against Rome and the Vatican. Any Protestant who enters St Peter’s cathedral will know why we believe in our doctrine and the Word.

But back to the movie: It is much better paced than the book, and the cinematography is great. In fact, Da Vinci Code should have been a movie first, and book adaption later.

But what on earth is with Tom Hank’s ugly hair? Audrey Tautou sounded plastic and always looked out of place in the film. Ian McKellen was his usual Gandalf persona.

The best actor in the film, I felt, was Alfred Molina as Archbishop Aringarosa.

alfred molina.jpg

This man has eyebrows that can carry an entire film by themselves, and his eyes! His eyes!

4 Replies to “What’s the fuss over Da Vinci?”

  1. I have no objections over people wanting to watch the movie, as long as they brought their brains along.

    But someone made this point to me this afternoon (he’s against watching the movie and buying the book). He said, “If someone insults your father / mother, you would want to slap that person. What more someone who’s insulting my God? Why on earth would I want to pay money for the movie / book and make that person richer?”

    So… that’s food for thought too…

  2. Aha! I got a free ticket, or else I wouldn’t have watched the show. I didn’t buy the book either, I borrowed it from my sis.

    But let’s think about it. If DVC is such an insult to God, then why not curse movies like Jurassic Park, The Lord of The Rings, Narnia and so on?

    Each of these movies mock God’s Word’s and creation, and some of them even pretending to be Christian allegories (LOTR and Narnia).

    The thing is most Christians and non-Christians don’t see these type of blockbusters as anti-faith, when if you get down to it, they do introduce warped ideas into believers’ heads.

    The most damaging movies are those which don’t appear to be so. DVC is so blatantly ridiculous that it should be on the bottom of the Vatican’s hit list, not the top.

    BTW, DVC’s author and movie studio are laughing all the way to the bank, because people just can’t stop talking about it. So churches do fund materialism in some sense.

  3. But I love Narnia. I like C.S Lewis too.

    I read the Da Vinci code book when it first came out. and now, i can’t remember 95% of it.

    I didnt think the book was good so I am not expecting the movie to. Having said that, I am willing to be treated to the show just to look at the beautiful location shots!

  4. Honestly, the movie doesn’t have that much good scenery, just lots of old churches, old mansions, old roads and the Louvre.

    I’ll say this again – Tom Hanks’ hair really sucks big time.

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