The perfect notebook mouse

Logitech notebook mouse

Any computer user knows how difficult it is to find a good mouse. I’ve tried every type out there and to date, only Logitech knows what it really means to make a good rodent. Microsoft has pretty good mice too, but they are often too big and clunky.

So today, we were at Funan and I chanced upon this Logitech Mini Optical Mouse Plus. It’s just about perfect!!! Why? Let me tell you what’s wrong with other notebook mice first.

1. They often have lousy optical sensors.
2. Those with retractable cables soon stop retracting.
3. Wireless mice are nice, but they require batteries and the USB adaptor is often too big. They’re too expensive too and may not have good optical tracking.
4. Most of them are butt-ugly.
5. Microsoft has nice looking ones but their prices are ridiculous.

So I kept an eye out for Logitech once more and boy, this one is really well designed. It lets you wrap the cable around the groove at the base. You can then clip the USB connector to a button at the bottom if you have tightened the cable well.

It’s not too expensive too at $25 and is respectable-looking too. Most importantly, it tracks very well on my black wooden dining table! Yay!

Ok, all that was pretty geeky talk, but it’s like good food, must always recommend one.