How to see reality

1. Weigh the numbers and facts for yourself. Accept no explanation from third parties.
2. Believe nothing you read or hear, but understand the information comes from humans with only one point of view each.
3. Accept that all people desperately want to be liked, no matter the situation. To be liked, people will do or say the most confounding things. Sometimes people don’t care to be liked, but desire to save some face.
4. Once you figure out the bigger picture, see where you lie in the equation. If you are in the disadvantaged situation, just take note and move on. If you are advantaged, good for you!
5. Understand that change is the only constant, and to believe that things can stay the same is foolishness.
6. Like our coach Seilin used to say: “The day will pass. The day will pass.”
7. Try to do no harm okay? See, no touch. Better to spend a day out with the kids than 10 years plotting world domination I say.

That’s all I can say for today man. All in all, I’ve been pretty let down by what I’ve seen in recent times.