Death to VCDs

VCDs are a strange phenomenon.

I believe they are popular only in Asia, which is strange because Asians are known to be sticklers for quality.

What’s a VCD? A VCD is basically a CD filled with awful low resolution video and lo-fidelity audio. Buy it if you want to see squarish big pixels throughout a scene, blurry mess of colours in action sequences and a gaudy palette of colours not seen since the VGA days of computing.

And VCDs aren’t exactly cheap (even the pirated ones). At $12.90 a movie, it is an absolute ripoff considering that the video quality is the same of an online trailer (or way less, if you watch hi-def trailers).

DVDs are ripoffs too. Why anyone should be expected to pay $50 for a Region 1 disc confounds me. DVDs are optimised for tube televisions, and most DVDs still look bad on HDTVs. The exceptions I’ve seen so far are movies like Alien The Director’s Cut and Jap anime.

But at least DVDs won’t wreck your eyesight!

Parents who subject their children to watching Hi-5 VCDs on end ought to know they are trying to blind their kids with awful video. VCDs suck, and if you want to be cheapo, then you deserve the fate you deserve!!!!