The Return Of Jack

whispering jack returns.jpg

He’s been locked away in a cupboard for the past year but I just could not forget him.

Jack was born in Germany in 2001, and he started singing in 2002. Last year he went silent when Isabel came into this world.

These days, I have been dreaming of Sombre Jack perched below my chin once again as I bowed a sad Dvorak tune.

Can a violin possibly call out to his master?

Yesterday, I took Jack out of Isaac’s cupboard and my heart broke when I remembered that the G-string had snapped. Four years of intimacy cannot be cast aside so easily, so I brought him back to Synwin to be restrung.

The guy at Synwin gave the revived Jack a go and said, “Your violin is very loud!”

“Is that a good or bad thing?”

“I guess it’s good.”

Now I’ve got to go and find my teacher with the ponytail.

But I worry – can I give Jack the time he deserves, and can my fingers remember how to fly?

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