Lucky and Unlucky Number

After a particularly bad day at work, I came home to see a Traffic Police letter, vaguely talking about a traffic violation and wanting me to turn up at Ubi.

I thought – alamak, was it the day I forgot to wear my seatbelt? Or did someone mistake me scratching my ear for using a handphone (cue sniggers)? Anyway, it was a really horrid way to end the day.

I called the sergeant the next morning and found out that it was a speeding offence. How fast did I go, I asked, but he refused to say.

“Come down and I’ll explain to you,” he said.

I tell you, our police should write suspense movie scripts.

Anyway, I made my way down to the hellhole known as Ubi area, had to park really far away from the TP building and soon found out that I was caught burning rubber at….84kmh.

Of course, the place of offence was Lornie Road (70kmh limit), and since I hardly read TP news stories, I didn’t know it had become a fave haunt for our speed gun wielders.

But c’mon, 70kmh on Lornie is ridiculous. If Farrer Road can be 80kmh limit, why not Lornie?

The sergeant said earnestly, “If you don’t want to pay the fine and receive the 4 demerit points, you can appeal. But I must tell you we have hard copy evidence.”

Ok, the mata can be funny too.