Larissa The Wiggly Dancer!

Ok, all you desperate fathers who have been searching the Internet for images of Larissa Wright, the blonde and often pretty dancer who makes those Wiggles DVDs so much more palatable…..

Here are two nice images of our favourite dancer! Finally, some new images of Larissa on the Net right? I know what you guys want, cos I’m also a little tired of seeing nearly half my visitors aren’t my friends, but Larissa fans.

From the Top of The Tops DVD…


I wave my arms and swing my baton…

larissa 2.jpg

Doing her makeup for Wiggly Western scene

PS: Actually she looks better with long hair, but the camera seems besotted with her in TOTT DVD. Oh well, why not, it’s one of the better Wiggles videos anyway. Stay away from Sailing Around The World, there’s only a few seconds of our Irish-dancing lass.

5 Replies to “Larissa The Wiggly Dancer!”

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  2. Larissa, forget this guy – he’s sent the same message to all the Wiggly Dancers, as well as to all the Hi-5 chicks.

  3. without a doubt one of the best dancers in the wiggles troupe. You are always have a smile that brightens up anyone’s day and you are a ray of sunshine. thank you for giving so much to your fans and public. thank you and God Bless

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