It’s Lee Young Ae!

lee young ae 1 small.jpg

lee young ae 2 small.jpg

C’mon, who doesn’t like this babe?

Big brown eyes, quivering rosebud lips, pinchable cheeks and real star quality.

Okay, that sounds like Isabel too.

At today’s LG event, I felt a quick rush of adrenalin when I banged shoulders with the press photogs and took some pix of Ms Daejanggeum. It’s been a long time since I did such stuff.

I wonder if she can cook a mean meal like she does on the telly.

2 Replies to “It’s Lee Young Ae!”

  1. Lee young he is my love.she is the best actress in the world really.She is a Professional director &actress.also she is very very very Beauty & pretty.Ilove Her very much ,Ilove her Until I live ,until I am life & until I live in the world .I hope one day I can talk with her oh may it happen some day???I hope.Ilove her very much.I want to kiss her.(i am a girl from Iran)

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