Feeble minded

As expected, local bloggers are mostly up in arms over the whole “no promotions of political views on your blog”.

It is as if the world has ended, as if people are being gagged and as if they can’t write about anything anymore.

Come on, if you write with common sense, have some idea of what constitutes libel, take heed to avoid mentioning specifics and so on, no government can accuse you of wrongdoing.

Singaporeans just demand that any complaint they have must be couched in explicit emotions, angry tirades, blind support for the other and so on.

Hey I do that too (if not how to have daily rants?), but when you are faced with a monumental shift in tectonics, you don’t jump into the new crevices. You skip around it lah, both in action and in thought.

But most importantly, people have to quit coming up with ill-informed perceptions.

Eg, “Oh this country is so undemocratic!”. Excuse me, the biggest democracy on earth wages unjust wars against weaker nations and the big communist one is just interested in making money above all else.

Authorities will always come up with some sort of policy to assert their ruling rights, but the problem for Singaporeans is that they keep feeling so confined by the so-called boxes placed around them.

“Oh, I don’t know what the OB markers are, I’d better be more careful!” said somebody on TV today.

Sheesh. Perfect product, just the way he was educated to be.

Are we a so-called knowledge economy? If so, why the difficulty in solving new problems?