Being political

From CNA today:

Dr Balaji added that individual bloggers can discuss politics, but have to register with the Media Development Agency if they persistently promote political views.

When registered, they’re then not allowed to advertise during elections – something only political parties, candidates and election agents are allowed to do only.

Hurrah, suddenly bloggers all over Singapore have something new to blog about.

Then again, when does political discussion cross the line into pushing political views?

And what constitutes a political view? If I were to rant about conservancy charges, ERP, crappy HDB paint schemes, the infamous education system and blah blah, isn’t it political since it all leads back to the ruling party?

If I keep writing about the virtues of having a family, am I then promoting the baby bonus schemes indirectly?

To talk about current affairs is to be political.

You cannot possibly hope to conjure up a conversation about “the things that matter” without bringing in the infrastructure and the societal mindset.

In reality, one cannot be passionate with his opinions without taking sides. People cannot possibly have their own free websites and not generate a certain Weltanschauung (achtung! that means “world view” in German) if they want to continue writing.

Here’s a political view, and dangnabbit if I have to register this website to defend it.

“Apathy is the path of least resistance.”

Perhaps bloggers should just stop talking about politics for the next two months. This will freak out the ones trying to monitor the Internet pulse.

Unfortunately, Singaporeans not that politically savvy yet. They just can’t keep their mouths shut.

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  1. And they wonder why Singaporeans are so apathetic.
    Political views cannot, but propaganda that we see in the papers everyday can lah!!!

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