So you want my vote

As a common man, I don’t ask much from my Gahmen. I appreciate the good food, good education, good housing and so on that I get without much effort.

(Pity they can’t fix the weather though)

I also don’t mind when they give out nice goodies like estate upgrading or one-off cash rewards.

But dear geniuses running the country (as well as those who desire to), you want to stoke the flames of national passion for your party? Think a bit harder joes, or try the following long term goodies for us common men and women:

  • Cut public transport costs by 10% for the next 2 years, regardless of oil price fluctuations.
  • Put more trains and buses in place for goodness sake. It’s crazy to have packed trains during lunch time. Can’t regulate the private transport firms? Surely it cannot be true!
  • Promise a better education for our kids – less school hours, less emphasis on paper achievements, more fun. Eg. ACS back in the 1980s (I can’t speak for it these days)
  • Make Singapore wheelchair-friendly NOW. It’s not just the disabled but parents with strollers who benefit. Obviously your baby bonus plan isn’t well thought out.
  • Tell us what we want to know, not what you need to fill your office document folders with. For eg. nobody I know really bothers about Parliament debates, no matter how interesting they get.
  • ERP rebates – For every 100th ERP gantry you visit, you get $5 back for your contribution to nation building.
  • And the popular consensus is that Saturday should be free parking in HDBland too.

The rise of the scholar class in society has caused a greater divide between what people want and what other people assume they want. People don’t want the intelligentsia’s lofty visions of the future, they want immediate attention to the small things that bug them daily.

I’m an ex-scholar too (bond ended already yay), but I’ve always felt that many scholars have no idea what the real world is like. Sheltered by A-level friends, huddled in their books, they think the rest of the world is like them.

For eg. I’m starting to forget what public transport is like, since I drive so much. But I’ll never forget the crap me and Goy experienced on the trains when she was pregnant with Ah Jun.

2 Replies to “So you want my vote”

  1. Yah lah, and the Gahmen should be more creative in how they address social issues. E.g. instead of increasing the disincentives to owning a car, how about introducing more incentives for using public transport like free or very cheap bus rides within HDB estates and free transport on shool buses for schools within the vicinity (to encourage parents to enrol their children into neighbourhood schools rather than send their kids to some faraway brandname school), make this whole place more family friendly like mandatory kid-friendly toilets with low sinks so parents don’t struggle holding their little one up with one arm while pushing the tap and splashing water on their kid’s hands with the other – if i were childless and saw how hard a time parents have, i’d think twice about having a kid. On the other hand, the life of the young and childless is so glamourised by the media & advertisers – is it so surprising that many people choose not to have children.

  2. Actually, I wonder is it also because so many people in the Gahmen are young and childless!? Honestly speaking, there is little reason to have kids in Singapore unless

    1. Your sperm count ultra high and the little swimmers busted the condom
    2. You really love kids despite the torture they apply on you 16 hours a day
    3. You’re dam blardy rich, can afford one maid for kids, one maid to make sure the other maid doesn’t go crazy, and another to mop the floor
    4. You really believe the Gahmen is right in that you should have TWO OR MORE
    5. All of the above

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