Scout Jobbing Week

A Boy Scout rang at our door today.

“Excuse me, we are doing our scout jobs, is there anything that you’d want me to do?”

I thought: “Wah lau, you come just after I vacuumed and mopped the darn floor.” but I said: “Can you wash my car?”

He looked a little shocked. Obviously our privileged kid here has either never sat in a car or his dad has never asked him to help wash it.

After a short pause he said: “I think I can do it.”

I figured it’ll be better if I did it. For 20cts (the price to activate the tap downstairs) I could do a better job than this kid in 15 min flat. So I said: “It’s okay, I think I’ll handle it myself. There’s nothing for you to do.”

He then asked: “So can we ask a donation from you for the Scouts?”

I said: “No thanks.” thinking “What the heck, you don’t work and you still ask for money?”

He asked again: “Just a few dollars?”

I said no and shut the door. Isaac, who was at my side, didn’t say anything. One hour later, we saw him and his buddies at the coffeeshop area, drinking 7-11’s Mr Freeze.

Kids today, Seekow or not, really need to understand that money isn’t easy to come by.

5 Replies to “Scout Jobbing Week”

  1. I remember when I was little, a boy scout came by during job week and my dad made him clean our super dirty fan – the blades so dirty they looked furry, just plain disgusting. The boy took a long time to clean the fan; I don’t know how much my dad gave him, probably not much. I was really impressed with the boy because the fan was really so yucks. Yesterday a boy scout came by but i couldn’t think of what to get him to do altho’ i do have a dirty fan or two but so paiseh to make him clean them because i imagine boy scouts these days don’t actually do any chores during job week (or any other week i suspect) so if I actually gave him a job to do, it would be such a shock to him. So i gave him $2 as compension for not having any job for him.

  2. Wah lau. If u think tt’s bad – this fat bumbling scout (neighbour’s son) came to ask my dad for a job too. Not only did he NOT manage to sweep the yard properly, he tripped over my rabbit’s enclosure & dented the METAL fence. (Freak, the fence is only like thigh-high lor. Obviously this fat kid nvr play zero-pt before!) My dad had to remove the entire latch that holds the fence to the wall lor! FCUK man. Lucky he never fall on my rabbit or i’ll KILL him. I’ll BBQ that stupid chunk of lard i tell u.

  3. What’s with the Scouts these days? Next year’s Scout Job Week I go tekan them by making them wash my windows. If they fall out, they’d better have insurance.

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