Pissed Parent Here

I was reading this newspaper column today, written by a single woman, questioning this – Why do parents have kids when they cannot spend time disciplining them and teaching them not to film their own sex videos?

A good part of the article was filled with disclaimers – I’m single, I don’t want kids, parenting must be the toughest job in the world, work is really tough for parents I know, and so on.

The writer did not cover the following vital disclaimers though:

  • Not everyone has kids out of careful deliberation. Get married, shag like minxes and often, accidents do occur. Of course, not everyone has a mate either.
  • Not every teen is filming their own sex videos. Just as not every teen is eager to get married at 16, take drugs and go to jail. The wayward kids have nothing to prove save their lack of interest in being commercially successful. Face it, not everyone wants to be in the rat race.
  • Parenting isn’t the toughest job in the world. It’s the FRICKING TOUGHEST JOB IN THE UNIVERSE. Childless people have zero idea, so don’t step on our turf ok? You do not know the real meaning of “uninterrupted sleep”, “sleeping in”, “peace of mind” and “being pregnant on an SMRT train with idiotic passengers”.
  • Teens will be rebellious no matter what parents do. It’s just the extent. Then again, I forget that only parents know this because the rebellion starts at 11 months, not 13 years.

Of course, this column’s audacity pales in comparison to Andrew Sullivan’s latest one in Time.

We got cocky. We should have known better. The second error was narcissism. America’s power blinded many of us to the resentments that hegemony always provokes. Those resentments are often as deep among our global friends as among our enemies–and make alliances as hard as they are important. That is not to say we should never act unilaterally. Sometimes the right thing to do will spawn backlash, and we should do it anyway.

We have learned a tough lesson, and it has been a lot tougher for those tens of thousands of dead, innocent Iraqis and several thousand killed and injured American soldiers than for a few humiliated pundits. The correct response to that is not more spin but a real sense of shame and sorrow that so many have died because of errors made by their superiors, and by writers like me.

– What I Got Wrong About The War (link here)

Read it, and read it between the lines. You will be outraged by the perpetual ignorance in American warmongers’ minds.

15 Replies to “Pissed Parent Here”

  1. “Parenting isn’t the toughest job in the world. It’s the FRICKING TOUGHEST JOB IN THE UNIVERSE. Childless people have zero idea, so don’t step on our turf ok?”

    They totally P me off.

  2. I do know a bunch of childfree people (as opposed to childless people), who would have a lot to say to that. I’ve one such blog friend/acquaintance who subscribes to being childree and hates children with a vengence. She wrote a blog entry about pregnant women taking the trains. Her logic is, if you choose to be pregnant, then it’s your problem. Why should other suffer for it, i.e., give up one’s seat for a pregnant lady.

    While she is an exception (not all childree people hate children), they choose to remain childfree because of the huge task of bringing a child up in this world.

    I am not saying that I’m subscribing to the mentality, being a soon-to-be parent myself. Just letting you know what the alternative views are. Want the blog links? 😉

  3. Hey Joan, I know the alternative views, but my point is that you shouldn’t preach to parents what they should do…if you have no idea what it means to be one.

    You’ll understand my post better by this time next year. Childless people may not know the difference between Bonjela and Epidural.

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