Two outrageous things happened recently, both associated with women

1. How did she pass her driving?

I was at the Marriot Hotel carpark and came upon this woman trying to ram her car against a pillar. She forwarded, reversed, forwarded and reversed and never did manage to get her car out of the pillar’s way.

I came out of my car because she was blocking mine, and suddenly she managed to slot her car into the bay. I found a nearby parking lot opposite hers and was horrified.

She had parked her car at a 45 deg angle.

I went over and knocked on her door. She was looking really dazed, as if she had just seen some dead body or what.

“Excuse me, you need help. Let me help you park your car.” I said.

“Oh no need, I’ll adjust it later. Now got a lot of cars passing by.”

“Lady, there aren’t any cars now. The guy can’t get into his car if yours remains at this angle.”

“Paiseh lah…”

Anyway, to cut her whining short, I got into her car and was surprised to see it was a manual shift. I haven’t driven a manual car since 1997 but I took careful control of the clutch anyway. I looked at the side mirror and got a headache immediately.

I said: “Miss, why are your side windows magnifying the reflection?”

“Oh it helps me to drive better.”

“Hullo, you’d better change them to the normal type. With this sort of side mirrors, you can’t see cars on the road nor can you park properly.”


Thanks to stupid car testers who prefer looks over driving skills, we normal people have to put up with others who were not meant to be on the road in the first place.

2. What does she know about parenting?

PAP new face Ellen Lee was asked by the press yesterday – Why aren’t young fathers getting more paternity leave? Her answer was “because they never asked for it” and to paraphrase her, she said that many fathers are not involved in changing diapers, doing night feeds and so they do not deserve to have more paternity leave.

Ok, who died and made you Miriam Stoppard?

Statements like these are precisely the reason why young fathers like me don’t give a hoot about pro-family govt policies and the baby bonus. We have kids because we want to, not because the government tells us it’s a good thing with all the rebates and such.

If you want to help run this country, wake up and smell the diapers.

Fathers my age have NO CHOICE but to be hands-on New Age Dads.

We did not take the Epidural, but we were there when the placenta was wrapped up and disposed off.

I fed Isaac even when I came home from work at 2am in the morning, and you probably don’t know the pain of sterilising bottles day in and out.

Granted, most fathers in your day (circa 1950s) didn’t bother with bringing up the family. But it is 2006, Auntie.

Sperm counts are down, stress levels are up. You want to help the government generate more babies? Open your eyes first, understand where the seed comes from.

If I had a vote (which I won’t), I wouldn’t give it to you.

(Until you give me more paternity leave.)

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  1. You know, I love it when you use the phrase, “Ok, who died and made you Miriam Stoppard?” Hahaha.

    I would love for fathers to have more paternity leave, because it would be so nice to have more help with the newborn. I mean, what is 3 days compared to three months? The poor father would hardly have time to connect with the baby.

  2. Hey re:2 you are so damn right!
    She sounds so similar to that other guy who said AIDS cases has gone up thanks to more homosexuals now… LOL

  3. As a politician, she failed badly.

    Even as a student leader, i know better not 2 speak in such a proud & inconsiderate manner.

    Her answer definitely shows she is a leader (or may i say not) who do not place herself in e shoe of others n disregarding e feelings of many.

    OMG, I wrri 4 SG politics.

  4. Does the fact that it’s a woman driver make a difference to the fact that she clearly is a road hazard? (Out of curiously, chio or not?) Was she a p-plate holder?

    But the Ellen Lee thing was outrageous. Has it occured to her that I would love to change my kid’s poopy diaper more, except I’m not there to do it because I have to work?

    The BBC is currently doing a feature on fertility rates across the EU – and surprise – the countries that have the highest fertility rates are those countries where the government made a concerted attempt to ensure that it was easier to raise your kids – state sponsered creches, flexi-hours.

  5. Yep, she was a P-plate driver, but in the past 13 years of driving, I’ve seen more horrid (and I mean horrid) lady drivers than male. Generally most Singaporeans don’t drive very well, but the young girls often take teh cake.

    Chio or not? Not really. Your usual long-haired lass. Her car had a brand new license plate, so I wonder if she thought manual gearshift was a good idea.

    On birth rate: Singapore’s birth rate will not rise dramatically because we just don’t have the time. You can throw heaps of money and campaigns at us but there are bigger things to worry about – mortgage, car loans, keeping viable in your job. Where got time to hump?

  6. Well, if she’s a P-plate driver, that explains the inability to park, at least. A male friend just called in near-hysteria, having just taken 15 minutes to park.. in a nearly empty carpark.

    Out of curiousity, your extensive years of driving aside, do you know why insurance rates for male drivers are higher? After all, one would assume that if the lady drivers are horrid, the insurance companies would reflect it in the premiums. I’ve been looking for hard figures for awhile, but I can’t seem to find them.

  7. I have no hard numbers either, but it is probably due to the fact that guys tend to get involved in the worst sorts of accidents – drunk driving, speeding cum crashes, road bullying and so on.

    Girl drivers may piss you off, but guy drivers may just kill you first.

  8. As far as i know (having just bought my car last year), there’s no difference between male & female drivers in terms of loading… it’s the age band, accident history, years of experience, and occupation that makes a diff.

    Plus, i think guys tend to be worse drivers, ‘cos they’re higher risk-takers (generally), whereas gals tend to be worse parkers. I think it’s got to do with the height… i mean, gals have shorter bodies, hence their views are more obscured from the driver’s seat, resulting in more approximation/estimation to be made during parking, thus less confidence & more errors?

    That’s my warped opinion anyway!

  9. You have made the point.

    Oh my, is she really a family lawyer? WHAT HAS SHE BEEN ADVISING HER CLIENTS?

    What a biggotted train of thought and answer anyway….. fail as lawyer’s comment and fail without recourse as politician. And same sentiments: no vote for her whatsoever.

    Hey Geekylsut, maybe that’s PAP style of conclusion.

    Anyway about driving: Girls generally have problems parking because of the height of the driver’s seat… (unless they actually bother to put a cushion on top of it or get it adjusted at an Autoshop), but reckless drivers the guys beat us to it. Parrallel parking owns gals!

  10. Actually, it took me five years to perfect my parallel parking outdoors. And I never did any parallel parking for the first three or four years!

    But reverse parking shouldn’t be a problem lah, no matter the height of the driver. You can always turn the side mirrors to face downwards.

  11. Hi Ian

    Hmm my gf has no prob with reverse parking whatsoever. Haven’t seen her park head-in.

    You are probably right about the mirrors. I will let her know. Rest assured that the long-haired gal who parked diagonally isn’t my gf 😉

    Nice post btw. Keep up the writing.


  12. My….if she comes from grassroot level of the party with vast exposure, she sure “understands the what’s on the ground”??? I beg to differ!!!
    What more a family lawyer ….woner as SU had commented, what kind of family advise she have been dishing out!
    Today, even those with maid, many young father help out with bathing, feeding, feeding and changing diapers.
    It’s is disappointing to hear sweeping comments like this from those aspiring to be voted to serve us!
    They should get their facts right and even not made comments base solely on their own experience.
    Thanks for making up my mind with your THOUGHLESS charge remark, my VOTE would not hers, YOU CAN BET ON IT!
    People who want to serve society must truly empathize and get their facts right.
    Wake up pleasae.

  13. My…if she does comes from grassroot level work with vast exposure, she sure “understand what’s on the ground”?
    I beg to differ!!!
    What more a family lawyer…just wondering too what kind of good advise she have been dishing out?
    Today, with dual incomes family a norm and high costs of living,regretably, both parents work and must made invaluable sacrifices especially those with children.
    Even those with the luxury of affording a maid helps out in the nite with feeding, changing diapers and when the child is unwell at times.
    Not to forget bathing and changing their clothes as well!
    It is disappointing to hear such sweeping comments from those who aspire to be voted to serve us!
    They should get their facts right and not purely base their remarks on their own experience and/or perception!
    Thanks for making up my mind with your thoughtless comments
    my VOTE would not be hers for sure!
    People who aspire to serve society must truly empahize and get their facts right. (loud and clear)
    Wake up please.

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