Isaac the photographer

The scary thing about Isaac is how he remembers all the gadgets I bring home for review purposes.

Yesterday, he pointed out the ad for the new Olympus E330 dSLR camera, and said : “Papa use this camera before!”

Actually it looked similar to the E300, which he obviously had his hands on.

He then grabbed the Kodak dual-lens camera I am currently testing and started firing away. The nice thing is that he depleted the battery life, so I can tell the world how long this camera lasts without taking too many photos meself.

isaac takes photo 2.jpg

The Doraemon stickers in the car fly past a Clementi tree

isaac takes photo 1.jpg

It’s a bird, it’s a, it’s Superb Dad!

isaac takes photo 3.jpg

Ok, not so Superb when attacked with Isaac’s Xenon Flash death ray