Eye candy

Till today, I cannot understand why The Wiggles is not airing on local free-to-air. These guys are the biggest children’s act in the world right now and sell more DVDs than Korean horror movies man!

But my real point of the post today is why The Wiggly Men and Hi-Five are equally popular with parents. The secret is having strategic eye candy to keep the adults watching and to buy the DVDs later.

Eye candy = cute chicks.

Wiggles may look like a rather gay band of dudes, but you’ve gotta check out Magdalena the Mermaid (“I don’t need feet to dance!”) and Larissa Wright, both who are Wiggly dancers.

I’ve been getting readers coming to my site only because they were searching Google for Larissa. She’s not a classic beauty but she’s got a wide smile, shiny blonde hair and a cute perky nose. It’s like NS – if you are stuck watching a bunch of prancing male adults, an ugly octopus and a gymnastic dog, you are gonna look for more interesting characters soon.


Charli from Hi-5

And has anyone noticed Charli on Hi-5 doing her Coyote Ugly with clothes on?

Kelli used to be THE chick but something happened and she morphed into this pudgy girl with no eyebrows. The wife gets angry when I pay attention to Charli, but hey, this is called bonding with your child ok?

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  1. Yar Kelly looks kinda funny now. Charli is like Barbie with her long curls. That’s what my little niece said. She likes her alot.

    About the Wiggles, I find it weird to watch 4 grown up men looking so cute leh. haha.

  2. That’s the appeal of The Wiggles. These guys are getting more flabby but they still have great smiles. Doubt we can ever have our own Wiggly group in SG, all the guys here so uptight.

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