Maid in Bishan

mama and meimei wenliang wedding.jpg
Isabel and Goy, Wenliang’s ROM

There’s a reason why I don’t hire a maid to do the chores.

It’s a really thankless job. I don’t wish this on someone else even if they were paid for the trouble!

This weekend, the entire family came down with cough and/or cold. Goy and me were feeling groggy like two drunk lemurs but had to tend to the two royal Highnesses.

As parents, there is no choice when it comes to ensuring their safety (“Don’t drop off the bed another time MeiMei!”), their nutrition (Isaac : “I want Froot Loops”) and that they don’t feel bored (Isaac : “I want to play something else”). I must have spent hours at the sink, either washing endless dishes or my free-flow mucus.

It came to the point on Sunday night when everyone just zonked out in front of the telly. Technically Isabel never feels zonked, but Isaac was slouching and eating his Marie biscuits, while their parents were blinking loudly.

Of course, when kids fall ill, they neither feel the self-pity or the tiredness of the adults. To them, it’s just a technical problem that will resolve itself. To us, it’s like the day never seems to end.

In any case, I’m glad I finished wiping the floor before I really started to feel ill.

Ian’s Household Tip #1

A spanking clean floor which squeaks as you walk barefoot is the most important aspect of “a clean house”. This is because the floor is the only part of the house which enjoys full tactile interaction with your body (ie your feet). When the floor feels clean, the house gains the illusion of being well maintained.

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