It’s retro fever in Bishan again, as Goy’s birthday present arrived in the mail two days late from Amazon (tsk tsk)

Anyone remember The Electric Company? It’s second only to The Muppets for being creative in the primitive age of television. They made do with what they had, and still produced intelligent episodes that kill any children’s program today.

We’ve only watched 1.5 episodes so far. Isaac freaked out suddenly after watching one of the cartoon segments, and claimed that there were “too many words”. Poor kid..but wait till he sees Spiderman.

Retro colours, retro fonts
Bill Cosby, before he created Fat Albert
Morgan Freeman, Oscar winner and Electric Company alumni
Still the best way to learn your phonics – get some cutout faces and voice each syllable carefully

5 Replies to “HEY YOU GUYYYYYS”

  1. Oh yes I remember The Electric Company! I remember thinking to myself back then why the name Electric Company but I could see that it was not the typical kids show; more interesting and irreverent. Is this a DVD? I’ll go look for it at Amazon now!

  2. man..i grew up with the show. Who can forget Letterman!?
    Hmm..why is it Goy’s bday pressie? Thought it would be something you’re getting for your kids.

  3. Well, the kids are still too young to watch this. Me and Goy like to watch all these kinda shows to relive the past. We’re still halfway thru our Muppets Season One.

  4. Oh that is soooo cool! I remember the Electric Company too… but the memory is a little fuzzy. Which was the show that came with that Math Detective thingy at the end?

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