A Rich Religion

On Sunday, it can be difficult to push a baby stroller to the church entrance. There are too many cars blocking the way, even the ramp for disabled people.When I wasn’t driving, I used to ask why these people couldn’t just take a bus.

Now that I have two kids, I know a car is a godsend. But is it right to make sure your car is within the church compound for a little convenience on your end and more hassle for others?

Which leads me to the question – is Christianity a rich man’s religion?

Our faith demands little from us save the worship of our Lord, but for those seeking to know more, they do need to be well educated.

It’s not the thees and thous that obfuscate the Word, but the depth of the text which can confound. Of course, The Holy Spirit is responsible for understanding of the Word, but bible study still requires a minimum level of textual analysis.

And of course, Christians can be a big bunch of hypocrites. We talk about love for our brothers, but we’d rather talk about the material things we own and love. Cars, gizmos, travels and so on.

I should know this bit well, I went to ACS after all.

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