My lovely neighbours




Sometimes I feel just like Dogbert. I stepped out of my house on the first day of Chinese New Year and the entire corridor was filled with smelly smoke. My entire family who had just changed into brand new clothes now stank like badly smoked ducks.

The wonderful neighbours two floors below were burning a big tank of incense paper outside their main door, and the lift landing is on their floor too. Why don’t they burn it within their own flat? For obvious reasons right – keep the house clean, but you can mess up the corridor with soot-stained walls and plants. How about the rabbits that were caged on the same floor?

Nobody has a right to stink up the entire common corridor, even if their ancestors are begging for more money to be burnt away. Listen up fellow Chinese, we are not living in a kampung with lots of open space. This is HDB land, where I have to smell your soot and clean away the burnt bits which blow into my house. I can’t spend this hell money you know, and I do not have enough money to move away from you!

I have no patience for people who mess up my housework. Why, we complain about Indonesia when they burn their forests and muck up our atmosphere, but should we accept it when people try to smoke out the corridor? Use the public burn bin downstairs, and if it isn’t there, put your own bin there. Technically, it is still right outside your home. (Pity the family living on the second storey though)

My family burnt heaps of incense paper in open-air Balestier, but it was all a function of how much you could afford to burn, which is not equivalent to the level of piety or offering. I know my ancestral policies as much as the next incensed fan. Religious harmony is not about accepting bad social habits.

One day I’ll write about how I had to buy a new air-con for another inconsiderate neighbour….

By the way, today’s Daily Dilbert is hilarious…said Dilbert – “Under what theory are the competent obliged to help the incompetent?”

Check it out here What amazes me about Dilbert is how alike anal characters are across the world.