Women ought to shut up…

…when it comes to giving their views about National Service, unless you are one of those who actually went through it of course.

To anyone thinks it is a)nation-building, b)a great bonding experience, c)fun, they ought to ask themselves what they were doing when we were experiencing wet undies, fungal rot, long road marches, SOC, IPPT (which still happens yearly actually) and all the other cool stuff in the curriculum. They were probably giggling in their uni hostels and wondering why guys keep talking about NS, as if there was nothing else to talk about.

Do we like NS? Do I even need to answer that?

We men don’t talk about breast-feeding, periods, and other girly things, nor do we really have an opinion about them that we’d like to share. So why comment on NS and its defaulters as if you knew better? Why not take my place during my reservist call up, and you’ll find out what a groovy place Gul Road is.

Actually it’s not people who skip NS that piss me off. It’s those selfish idiots who actually do NS and whom you have to share the same bunk with that really boils the blood.

6 Replies to “Women ought to shut up…”

  1. Hey man… Actually, I think women should go through exactly the same thing. I kinda disagree that it isn’t fun. It’s fun to look back upon NS days. It’s just not fun WHILE it’s happening. hahaha

  2. I never participate in conversations revolving around NS because the jargon is so damm bloody hard to understand. All I ever say is, that when guys meet each other for the first time, they seem to bond quite well when they talk about their NS experience, especially after they realise that they have common paths along that road.

    And I disagree with the comment above! Women should NOT go through the same thing. 😛

  3. Hear! Hear! So Joan, you know why I’m so cheesed when female MPs/writers/gossips/whatever start talking as if they know what’s best for guys who do/skip NS? If one doesn’t even know what’s a fetherlite, what makes her think she knows what army life is about?

  4. No need to serve NS, ask the women to spend three weeks in Temburong. That’ll shut them up quick.

    Can you believe the crap that XXX wrote in XXX abt this? Oooh, convert NS so that even by playing piano, you’re serving NS….. WTF???

  5. (Sorry bro, gotta keep this site free from the powers that be, hence the XXXs)

    Why stop at piano playing? How about ballet, making tea in small cups or knitting?

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