The worst Chinese movie ever made

Just watched a borrowed DVD and realised the two hours spent watching it could not have been more wasted. Awful CGI, illogical script, weird casting and so on.

How can Cecilia Chung be the most beautiful woman in the world if she spends the whole show crying? Did Chen Kaige watch Richard Donner’s “Superman” before he decided to come up with men that could run fast enough to turn back the flow of time? How did the Master of The Crimson Armour come up with enough raw materials to make a beautiful Japanese condo with his bare hands?

Which brings to mind one thing – Modern Chinese movies, or Chinese-starring movies having names that start with “The”, is most likely to be a piece of dung. Eg. The Touch, The One, The Promise, The Tuxedo, The House of Flying Daggers, The Myth

Only exception may be The Eye, but I haven’t watched that yet. Maybe it sucks too.

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