Jonathan Strange


I normally do not bother to buy any novels. They take up too much space in a small house and most of the time, are not worth another read. But this book was screaming to be bought as I passed by the Borders bookshelf. It’s not the red cover, it’s the odd 19th century fonts that caught my eye.

Anyway, this is my favourite book of all time. It’s a heady mix of Jane Austen, Brothers Grimm, Encyclopedia Britannica and Umberto Eco (minus the longwindedness) in one thick novel.

To compare this tale of sorcery in turn of the 19th century England to Harry Potter is inevitable, but you will agree it is an insult to literate readers. Potter is a great example of how a series can decline rapidly in both quality and copy editing, and I find it impossible just to finish the latest book.

Jonathan Strange however, is a book that has little equal in modern literature.

Written and paced in a leisurely manner, it demands your patience, your curiosity and your love for limericks. It’s been getting rave reviews from all the snooty publications and for a good reason – it keeps you in love with the classic British literary style that one thought had disappeared into oblivion. And fantasy fans will slurp up every page.

Here’s the official website, but the book is a whole lot more exciting.