I love the 80s

I’ve been buying songs online like nobody’s business.

Mainly all the 1980s one-hit wonders that I’ve always wanted to collect. I believe the 80s was the last decade of real innovation in music, as synthesizers and imaginations were stretched to their limit. The 90s were mostly ho-hum as techno took over the scene (but I really dug the early stuff like Technotronic and KLF, who didn’t?) , and the current decade even worse, because there’s nothing really new anymore. If I hear Britney one more time, I’m gonna hit someone.

Here’s some of the goodies I’m blasting on my iPod

Laura Branigan - Self control.jpg

Self Control – Laura Branigan
(Grand Theft Auto – Vice City opens with this killer one)

Centrefold – The J Geils Band
(my almost-gf’s a porn star!)

Missing You – John Waite
(the classic standard in ballads)

She Blinded Me With Science – Thomas Dolby
(a sendup of 50s B-grade SF movies)

Word Up -Cameo
(Early mainstream rap)

Dance Hall Days – Wang Chung
(not Chinese, but they’re hip)

Back to Life – Soul II Soul
(1990, but shiok groove man)

I Can’t Wait – Nu Shooz
(fantastic blend of synthesized voices and a sweet vocal)

One Night In Bangkok – Murray Head
(It’s not One Night In Beijing, but just as well)

2 Replies to “I love the 80s”

  1. Hey Ian. Where do you buy music from online? No support for iTunes in Singapore, and Soundbuzz does not support the Mac platform either.

  2. There is a way to buy iTunes songs for us – prepaid cards! Only available from the US though. Up to US$50 value, allows you to buy without having a US-based credit card.

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