This trip is proving to be a drought when it comes to finding new things to shoot. I’m sick of the usual postcard scenes, the expressive people shots, the cute doggie poses, the towering architectural studies and so on.

This is the curse of the ex-photographer – Everything seems so deja vu.

So I just left most of the lenses in the hotel and went around town with the trusty 35mm. It’s wonderful to carry a light camera again.

jazz bistro.jpg
Dinner at the Jazz Bistro, near my hotel

chinatown tunnel.jpg
The tunnel that leads to SF’s Chinatown, filled with an eerie whooshing sound all the time

chinatown mural.jpg
Chinese pride – An apartment block mural in Chinatown

One Reply to “Drought”

  1. Not a bad catch for the 35mm. Not a bad idea to leave all the heavy artillary behind and go light for a frank attack. Sometime the result would turn out to be better and stronger in turn of perspective and angles. The short of equipment does not means the short of skills. Rather it make the skill sharper.

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