I’ve been cursed with a brain that does not sleep. From young, I have never experienced a night where I did not have some sort of vivid dream. In fact, I’ll dream even with 5 seconds of sleep.

And I just had a very well-plotted dream, probably due to jet-lag. The story structure was amazing, as it unfolded like a mystery, giving plot points at only various stages and the necessary twists towards the climax. Often, a night’s dreams are disconnected from each other, but this one came together as one whole story. As the dream’s details quickly dissipate as I write this, here’s roughly how it goes…probably 70% of the dream has gone by now.

Epilogue – Get called up for reservist. Strange scenes of a blood-soaked forest where the leaf littered ground feels a little soggy to the touch. Meet absolute strangers, who live in a tent and deal with gold foils, technical equipment and so on.

Time filler – Meet up with old friends and non-friends. Visit disgusting looking bunks. Chit chat about our lives, wonder about how we can get out of reservist sooner. Little do we know the plot is building up fast.

Plot thickens – OC of the week sits down and calls a private line to another country, asking for permission to train and use their equipment. Other country’s spokesman insults us in return, saying they will never deal such a deal with the likes of us. OC gives an executive order to us bewildered troops. Although it was never explicitly stated, we were to become industrial spies and procure parts for a super weapon.

High tension scenes – We return to the tent, and spend a lot of time distracting the people inside. They show us how to use our own military equipment (which all reservists forget how to use) and we wonder where the gold foils are. Suddenly, two birthday cakes arrive and to our surprise, the gold foils are trapped between the layers of each cake. We distract the tenants and scoot off the the foils.

Then the massive manhunt for us traitors begins.

We return to the bloodsoaked forest, filled with vehicular roads that blend into the pavement. A group of friends have gathered, eagerly awaiting the next move. Some begin to talk about their aspirations. Anyway, it turns out that the forest hides the people who can assemble the super weapon.

I look at a watch and tell them, “Look, the authorities are 9 seconds away.”. As we step out into the open, troops (that look like Thai soldiers) surround us but we break into a run anyway. Nobody wants to give these spies shelter, and time keeps running out.

With the heavy load on my bag, my pace slows down dramatically till I meet an old Sec sch classmate, who says, “Leave it to me.” He pushes me into another small tent nearby and I meet some long-lost school mates. We chit chat, and they realise how big the manhunt is. Suddenly, the tent becomes mobile (on the back of a truck) and as I see out of the windows to view the big hordes of soldiers in this city (Laos? Thailand?), I realise I will never see my family again.

I wonder if this is a dream or reality, and that’s when I wake up.

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  1. Hey Ian, congrats on your new site. Nothing beats a “self-host” blog isn’t it?

    I’m also one of those pple who dreams every night without fail. Some of them are so dramatic, they’re like an adventure movie. Seriously, I wonder if pple like us got any sleep? Maybe that explains the eye bags.

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